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Wish You Happy Saint Joseph Day March 19th, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (The Messiah)

Wish You Happy Saint Joseph Day: We celebrate today March 19th 2017 and every year, Saint Joseph Day, our Patron and Beloved Father of our Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (The Messiah). So we honor today our Beloved Hero Father Saint Joseph, who took care and rescued Queen Mother Mary and Son Lord Jesus […]... Read More
JusticeForVictoriafromUSA&Kuwait2017 JusticeForVictoriafromUSA&Kuwait2017 JusticeForVictoriafromUSA&Kuwait2017.2 JusticeForVictoriafromUSA&Kuwait2017 JusticeForVictoriafromUSA&Kuwait2017

Stand Up with Victoria For Peace & Justice from USA & Kuwait – Victoria Elia Kaldawi (aka- Queen Victoria Of Sheba)vs Kuwait

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        Date March 8, 2017 Stand Up With Victoria For Peace & Justice Victoria Elia Kaldawi VS Kuwait Still seeking Justice since 22 years & Reconciliation for her Human & Woman Rights from USA & Kuwait (Both Allies)  One Woman Victoria Stands Up to Fight against Injustice Her mission to spread Love […]... Read More