HAPPY LOVE MONTH: Valentines on 14th February & My Birthday on The 26th.

What Love is ..and What we do for Happy Love

     I am Victoria (Vicki) born on February 26  in Love Month.  I wish to share with you in this blog a Love Message and what is Love to a Woman and to Men and my advise to Lovers.  People always ask me what is my next project, and what it takes to be successful in Love and Life.   I will present my next upcoming Production project soon.

    I am a Woman in Love with many dreams and wishes for a happy healthy lasting love life (who do I love my Hero my Darling (Habibi) whom I am loyal to is my Victoria Secret for now). I always wished for a Happy family to belong to a good loving faithful lover and husband.  Being a Bride in White dress is a dream of many normal girls and women on Earth.  Just we wish it to be with the right chosen one man for life.

     I share with you who else: I adore God and my King Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I love my family Father, Mother and Brothers and their families.  I love people and humanity. I love my countries and its people of Lebanon, USA, and Kuwait my birth place.  I care about my loved ones always.

     I realized my gifts of love to all people since I came to reside in USA Los Angeles in 1986, when I prayed to God to give me the power to help needy sad suffering people, In 1994 I realized my mission in Life is to spread Love and Peace on Earth thru all my work, so I entered Hollywood as talented and trained Singer, Actress, Writer and Executive Producer, gifted counselor and life coach, to create, share and produce good educational entertaining humanitarian love stories, to touch peoples’ hearts with love, joy, hope to comfort, heal and inspire all, with a my professional name: Queen Victoria of Sheba.  All this changed my personal life and delayed my happy love life and marriage, and many of my dreams and wishes, and many couldn’t understand my calling as a given gift from God that I must obey and continue through many sacrifices, and I can’t accomplish without my Hero Man.

     A true woman’s love to her man, is when I love him in many forms: As his understanding friend; As his protecting Angel; As his Forgiving Loving Mother who would never let go of her son and would do whatever it takes to save him from any hurt; As his Nurse who would be there at his sickness and his failures, As his servant at his feet to hold and pamper; and in his arms to hold warmly with all the passion to strengthen my man, as they say behind every hero and successful man there is a woman.. add to it a loving faithful loyal woman.

     It takes for us a lifetime to meet our destined love mate who is our second half, one chosen for us to marry and have a family together, the One we can’t live without .. It gives us peace when we know the truth that God has the right one for us to meet at his timing, even though sometimes he also separate us from our loved ones for harsh good reasons for some time or forever.  It is so hard to lose a lover, a loved one, but as long as we’re alive, we feel our loved one heart beats along the distance, so how can we survive with a broken heart. It is a crime to forsake a loved one for no good reason.

    We believe God is Love, and we are born to Love, and we Live to Love and Need to be Loved and always we yearn as humans for compassionate love, and to be with a loving faithful lover until we are ready to get married and have a family.  We shouldn’t settle for less in life, and we shouldn’t give up on finding true love.  also we shouldn’t give up or forsake the ones we love truly, and we should be patient and forgiving so we don’t lose one another. 

     Love is Precious, kind, patient, giving.  We sacrifice our own and lives for sake of true love and for the one we truly love, and who had loved and helped us, for our family, and for our country.  But we also get hurt the most by these same ones human we loved and entrusted and gave it all to, by our lovers, brothers or sisters, close friends, relatives, workers, etc..

     It is sad how few Jerk Men of the world from every religion and race and age, have no integrity, they lie and take Love as a game to play, they say the words: I Love You , without meaning it, just to use women as toys for sex and pleasure, carelessly hurting feelings, failing to keep their promises, and forsaking a truly good friend and lover for fear of commitment to one woman only.

     We know the law of love, what goes around comes around, and do onto others as you want to do onto you.

     Life is precious journey that we live once.. and time is running fast.

    All happens to us in God’s timing, so we should believe and hope and keep praying seeking for our dreams and wishes in life to come true, and we should keep taking actions of love and mercy.

     Wish you Happy Love Always.  Thank you.

     Remember Always I Love you, and God Christ Loves you greatly too.  We are never alone.

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