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LOVE  QueenVictoria Of Sheba Album CD 2007.3

    Victoria Elia Kaldawi is an American Lebanese Christian; born in Kuwait 2-26 (Liberation Day), where her parents lived for work 30 years (though Kuwait doesn’t give any birth rights or residency to any foreign born there); a Victim Hurting Business Woman & a Peace Advocate, immigrated to USA since 1986 where she resides in Los Angeles since then; a Business Administration Graduate (Finance & Real Estate) from California State University-Long Beach;

     Also known as Queen Victoria of Sheba, a Humanitarian (Singer (Soprano) – Grammy Member & Actress-SAG/AFTRA); Published in 2007 her Album CD: “Love For Peace”; A Writer, Publisher & Executive Producer; a Human Counselor since 1986 as she helped for charity many needy from every age, religion and race, she is spiritually gifted to ease pain & suffering of people, to comfort, heal and inspire humanity & troubled hearts, with hope for stronger Faith to rise and stand up to take actions For Love, to be happier, healthier and successful in life; a Founder of Victoria World Foundation (Non Profit Charity established 1998) based in Beverly Hills, to spread Love & Peace, Joy, Truth, Justice & Welfare to the World as she is determined to spread her message from Lebanon and from Hollywood (USA) to the World through all her Songs, Film Productions, Websites, Books, Blogs & Life Coaching. She says: I am from USA Nation of Liberty and from Lebanon Paradise on Earth”, the Homeland of the Message and of many Saints, and the Origin of many Prominent Humanitarians & Artists like Danny Thomas & Jubran Khalil Jubran. Her objectives are to enlighten people from all cultures and religions, to live in harmony and peace.

     Victoria was a prominent public figure in Kuwait before she was kidnapped on July 4th, 1995, and had published for the Government “Kuwait International Directory 1994 – Economic, Investment & Touristic- 400 pages (200 pictures) in English & Arabic Languages, that is when her Mission started publicly in Kuwait as she received many letters from Govt. for her unique book. She had worked in past as Secretary at National Petroleum Co. then 3 years at Industrial Bank of Kuwait as Internal Auditor, then after Liberation she established Victoria International Trading Co. as Consultant.

She published 2009 Website: www.VisitParadiseLebanon.com, to promote Lebanon and our good great modern culture and civilization of who we are to the World against the negative media; to introduce Paradise Lebanon to the World as the nation of the message for Peace where we show how we live in harmony among all religions, showing its beauty of nature to encourage Tourism, and to inspire all powerful Lebanese Immigrants to help Lebanon and its People in every way possible, focusing on sponsoring children and youth with their school and university education.

     Victoria Says:  Since I came to America in 1986, I prayed to God to give me the power to help people, then I realized thru years it was my calling since I was in my Mother’s womb, gifted as Angelic counselor to comfort, heal and inspire all needy from every age and religions, whom I meet anywhere I go, in any place, then my mission evolved after I returned to Kuwait in 1991 to realize it in 1993 to spread Love & Peace, Justice and Welfare to the world, not knowing that I will be persecuted and will seek my justice as well..from my brothers and sisters of all nations..

     So I could feel with peoples pain and suffering, I lived and faced a life full of traumas, struggles, pain, success and failures, Abuse, Prejudice, Persecution, sickness, I faced bad treatment and cruelty from many men and women from every religion and race, Lebanese, Americans, Kuwaitis and from other nations too.

    So I speak with a cry and very hurting as I and we had enough…of Prejudice, Religious and political and human discrimination, hypocrisy,

     Today I am seeking Justice from the Amir of Kuwait, leader of humanity:

This Case represents Plaintiff Victoria’s Cry for Justice to prevail; as Innocent Victim woman seeking Justice, as Godly Christian Peacemaker Faithful Loyal US American Citizen Woman resides in Los Angeles since 1986, of Lebanese Origin, born in Kuwait February 26th. where her parents lived for work 30 years (though Kuwait doesn’t give any birth rights or residency to any foreign born there); as a Victim of wrong forcible circumstances, caused by Wars, Immigration (problem of where do we belong safely home), Wrong Laws of Nations, Prejudice, Discrimination & dealings with Evil Men; as on the day July 4th 1995, while she was preparing joyfully to attend “USA Independence Day Celebration” invited by US Ambassador Exc. Ryan Crocker (SEE EXIHIBIT F), she was abducted & forcibly Kidnapped, and she was detained illegally For Four Days and Four Nights, into the custody of the Government of Kuwait, from her home-rented apartment where she had lived in since October 1991, and from which she operated her business in Kuwait; as all crimes were committed by Three assigned Kuwaiti Intelligence service Agents under the color of law, by order from their Supervisors Defendants Fahed and Abdullah, who are no longer government officials; and since the Foreign Service National Consular Specialist & other Staff in the US Embassy FAILED TO RESCUE HER and became partners in all crimes, though they were notified from day one, and knew about her abduction, as usually it’s their duty they rush to help any American in trouble; whom I was registered as citizen with the us embassy in Kuwait, which resulted in her being forcefully deported and expelled from Kuwait to Lebanon by the Kuwaiti Government on Saturday July 8, 1995, instead of USA (where she resides with her parents in Los Angeles, California), and returned home to my loving parents on Christmas Eve 24th of December 1995.

So I last had the power God invested in me to file my case in Los Angeles Federal Court on September 18, 2014, where I felt better like a new person with hope to win my case…against all these crimes committed on me of

For committed Crimes against Victoria by
Kidnapping; Torture; Illegal Abduction; Arbitrary Arrest; Incommunicado Detention; Assault; Battery; Degraded Cruel Treatment; Persecution;
Libel & Slander; Defamation of goodwill; Abuse of Process; Denial of Due Process of Law; Deprivation of Property; Forced Wrongful Expulsion; & 15 Various Violations of Universal Recognized Human Rights.

     I am still here declaring my story as a Testimony of Faith and great Love of our God, my strong faith in him as I adore him and trust in him no matter what with my full obedience to him and my calling..
    I am a woman in Love, and with a Lion in my heart, and my Late Angel Saint Mom Georgettes’ words and inspiration to me, who passed away June 17, 2011, when the world lost a great loving mother Saint, one of best role models and peacemakers who lived on earth..

     Victoria is reaching out to All Media and everyone who can help, as if she is your Sister, Daughter or Friend. Her Public opinion case needs all good media and good people support to stand up by her seeking justice as an Oppressed victim woman, so she can continue her humanitarian work to spread love and peace.

Please Join & Support Victoria’s Case for her Cause Seeking Justice to Women & Human Rights, to all Victims, for the oppressed against the oppressor.

If you’d like more information about this Story, or to schedule an Interview Contact Victoria

Facebook Cause:

You tube Channel: Visit Paradise Lebanon
Website: www.QueenVictoriaOfSheba.com
To view her Demo Reel: http://www.queenvictoriaofsheba.com/video.html

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