I Love You My Son & Daughter – I Love You Too MY BELOVED DAD – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY

**Father’s Day in America is on Sunday June 21st, 2015

     I wish you Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers, BUT There will be in USA and worldwide, thousands and probably Millions of Fathers crying and unhappy on this Day, yes CRYING MEN FATHERS, WITH HURTING HEARTS, and suffering, some are adults, and many are Seniors, …why ?     I am writing this blog with prayer in the name of God the Father, Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah), the Holy Spirit. Amen, to be inspired to write for comforting, healing and inspiring your hearts of many children and fathers, as I hope it reaches millions of people in the world.      Why ??????????  For main reasons: ***Abandoned by their Children, sons or daughters or both, or***Have lost their sons or daughters who died or were killed, or ran away and never came back home or called.., What caused the Hardening of Hearts of Sons to dishonor and abandon their fathers who raised them …instead of thanking and appreciating and being there,
     Also Many Sons and Daughter, Mothers too, may be crying on this day, the ones who lost their fathers to war, to sickness, to death, or the ones who never knew their earthly father, or the ones who were abandoned by their fathers, or abused, or hurt…

     I wish to share with you some reasons that caused these issues for Fathers and children, and who are our Fathers, as I hope it will Inspire You to Rise and Stand Up and TAKE ACTIONS FOR LOVE WITH MERCY AND FORGIVENESS TO DO THE RIGHT THING, WITH OBEDIENCE TO LAW OF LOVE, GOD’S LAW, THAT DEMANDS WE HONOR OUR FATHER AND MOTHER, NO MATTER WHAT..

     We are human beings have more than One Father. We are made of Body & Spirit, and many of us believe in God who is Love, and who is our Loving Father and Creator of Heaven and Earth and all living beings.

1.  So our God our Heavenly Father No. 1 wishes for us to be happy and live a joyous healthy life.

It is always God’s will in our lives. So we remember them when we pray our daily anytime prayer: Our Father who are in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory are yours, now and forever. Amen.

       As Well Our God commanded us in the Ten Commandments to Honor Your Father and Mother.

 2.  These days with end of times signs before promised second coming of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ, what we have today are people – Men and women, youth and adults with Hearts of Rocks, with no mercy, even rocks break, their hearts don’t, may be made of steel.

     So Many Children turned with hardened hearts against their Fathers:

May be their Father one time or more yelled at him, hit him or hurt him…it is okey, we are human, No matter what, We SHOULD FORGIVE OUR BLOOD FAMILY MEMBER: FATHER, MOTHER, BROTHER OR SISTER..

1.  Please accept them for who they are, when you can’t change them and honor them no matter what.  If they are not working, or alcoholic, or drug addicts, or ….. please try to Love them and help them to recover best you can , but never forsake your Loved Ones, and Obey God to Love and honor your Father and Mother.  Call your Dad, Go to him, Kiss his hands, Lie on his feet, Feed him, clean for him, buy him nice new clothes, buy him good food, buy him good vitamins, entertain him, prepare some nice films and programs for him to watch, DO NOT TAKE HIS NO FOR AN ANSWER, force him to eat well if he refuses, they become big babies as seniors, give him shower, shave for him, wash his clothes, change his beddings….etc..

2.  Many Bad Mothers are causing children to forsake or disrespect their fathers.  Oh yes, many Mothers lie and keep talking bad about the father in front of his children so she looks good better or to show her as victim.  Many women are evil, jealous for no reason, unappreciative, cruel, have weak personality to accept beyond what they know, they are stubborn, disobedient to their husbands, take children away from the father, never tell the man he is a father after she had his child, liars to all and especially to their children for wrong excuses…etc..

 WE need For peace to Prevail: Strong Honest Sincere Men & Fathers, Real Kings, Heroes and Real Lions, Godly Good Hearted Merciful Men who will take Right Just Actions On Time after Praying and Seeking God for Wisdom and Inspiration…. and good women and good Mothers too…


When Men Cry or when women cry more? When will Good Men Rise?
Our World will be better when Many Men stop being Kookoos (weak in front of women, worry about pleasing their women before pleasing God so disobeying God to please their wrong women, even with dishonoring their parents and dumping them in nursing homes to please their wives), Cowards, full of fear, Jerks, F Jerks, women followers, womanizers, Users and Abusers, Careless and Unfaithful Lovers, Fathers or Husbands…, Unethical, Selfish, Hypocrites, they go pray then they do all evil actions to hurt their loved ones and other people, have dirty tongues, are weak gamblers, Greedy, un-giving to the poor and needy, Liars, with No Integrity, giving False Promises to many especially to women

They forsake and abandon their lovers and loved ones, Love and Needs, out of weakness and carelessness and instead to be with their loved ones.

Life is a short journey, our loved ones are guests on Earth.
We should do and say Love and take Actions of Love, not just on Valentine’s Day but always from now on, and on Father’s Day.

God Said:

Remember always I Love you Son, you are Unique and my beloved, so don’t ever never give up, keep your faith and hope, I am with you always,it is all in my timing for your best joyous time

I live currently with my 91 year old sick dad Elia Kaldawi, whom I Care Give for since 15 years, so he won’t be in a nursing home. It has hard labor, but it is my duty of Love, he gave me life from God, raised me, till I walked and talked, he is my spinal cord and my blessing.

(We can awaken many sons and daughters’ hearts to honor their parents).


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